SQL Server : Generating user instances in SQL Server is disabled. User sp_configure ‘user instances enabled’ to generate user instances.

To resolve this issue, please follow the following steps:

1. Start the SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express.
2. Connect to the default instance of that server (Your Machine Name\SQLEXPRESS)
3. Then open a New Query Window. Please check that you are connecting to the master database
4. Type: exec sp_configure ‘user instances enabled’, 1
6. Restart the SQL Server

Hope, this will resolve this issue.
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WINDOW 7 + The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. Error code is 2869

I have faced this error while installing SubSonic(http://www.codeproject.com/KB/database/SubSonic.aspx) in my machine. I have searched on google and found the solution. This is a security issue with the Window 7.

To resolve this issue please open Command Prompt by right and ran as Administor. The move to the installer’s directory.Β  Then run following command on command prompt:


This will successfully install the installer. πŸ™‚
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Session sharing issue in various Tabs in Internet Explorer

One of the common problems reported with tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer is that the session state is shared between the tabs. Due to this user can face many issues like 1> Suppose user has opened a Product(productID=2) and editing it in one tab and at the same time in second tab user is editing another Product(productID=3). And suppose both are using Session(“ProductID”) stored in session.

So now when user will submit the first tabs product((productID=2), it will go to save the Product(productID=3).

This behavior has been complained a lot.

This behaviour continues in the following schenario too:
1. User A opens an IE instance and logs into a website where a session is created.
2. User A opens another tab and tries to access the same website. Without logging in, the user is already inside the session.
3. In this case, its clear that the session is shared between the tabs.

To resolve this issue:
ASP.NET 2.0 offered a simpler solution by way of the following config setting



you can read more details on the following URL:


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ASP.Net + Refactor Code

For long time, I am using CodeRush and Refactor! Pro and it is really very helpful to refactor the code. You can download it from the following URL:


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MS SQL – XQuery : Retrieve element value from a Column with XML Datatype using XQuery?

Suppose we have a “test” table with the following fields:

testID int

Now we have the following records in this “test” table:

1 1Test1


2 2Test2


3 3Test3


4 4Test4


Now, suppose develope has requirements to retrieve Address information for TestID=1.

You can retrieve values of elements from “testXMl” column using the following SQL Query:

[testXML].query(‘/testXML/test/testName/text()’) as Name,
[testXML].query(‘/testXML/test/Address/text()’) as Address
FROM test

Execute this query and you will get the result as below:

testID Name Address
1 Test1 address1
2 Test2 address2
3 Test3 address3
4 Test4 address4

(4 row(s) affected)

Now, suppose developer has requirements where he has to search only those records which has the testName as “Test2” or “Test3”.
You can use the following query to achieve the solution:

[testXML].query(‘/testXML/test/testName/text()’) as Name,
[testXML].query(‘/testXML/test/Address/text()’) as Address
FROM test
[testXML].exist(‘/testXML/test/testName/text()[contains(.,”Test1″)]’) = 1

This will retrieve the following result:

testID Name Address
———– ——————
1 Test1 address1

(1 row(s) affected)

Using XQuery, user can retrieve records fast and easily.

Best Regards,

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MS SQL XQuery Issue

I was facing an issue with AJAX for last two-three days. Let me explain the issue:

I have a search screen. On this screen I have a Search β€œTextBox” and Search β€œButton”. While user is inputting any text and click on Search button, it is going to search into the database and retrieve the records.

Now I have SQL Express 2008 installed in my machine. I have to search in database table “Test” and this table contain columns named β€œtextID” as integer & “testXml” as XML data type.

Now here I have to made search on this column “testXML” in β€œtest” table. If during search records will find, we have to retrieve those records and display them on search screen. I have written the following query to retrieve records where keyword should match the

β€œName” element in β€œtestXML” datatype.
[TestXML].exist(‘/Test/Name()[contains(fn:lower-case(.),fn:lower-case(“aaa”))]’) = 1
Note: In above query we have used XQuery to check the “Name” element contains “aaa” text. Format of the β€œTestXml” is as follows:
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IDEA: Add Some One as BCC in Chat


You all aware of sending email feature of Yahoo, Gmail, Rediff, etc.. Free Email Service providers. We can send email by insertng Email Address in To, Cc & Bcc address. Here user can see the Email addresses entered in entered in To & Cc. However we cannot see the email address which is added in Bcc.

Let us create a Chat application which can provide such a feature. Whats IDEA Sirji?

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