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3 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. ashok says:

    Hi Vijay,
    Can you help me to develope a sample application or fix my error for passing dataset to BizTalk orchestraion through WCF Service.
    Currently i have made a Simple method getDatasetService in my WCF service which takes input a dataset, this dataset has 2 tables inside it i call it as XMLNewEntityDefination And the method add some rows to table returns dataset.
    public XMLNewEntityDefinition getDatasetService(XMLNewEntityDefinition dsNewEntity)
    return dsNewEntity;
    then i call this WCF service in Orchestration through “add Generated Item” but in my orchestration it does not create the structure of dataset, it just create request and response method with tag “Dataset” in response and in “Dataset” tag it has “Any” tag.
    Then i publish the biztalk project through “Web Services Publishing Wizard” and refer the published biztalk service in my web application. it give me time out error.
    when i use this WCF service directly by service reference it works fine.
    But when i use this from BizTalk orchestration it gives me timeout error. i have tried passing “dsNewEntity” in wcfrequest and transforming it into WCFRequest message but it did not worked.
    I am beginner to BizTalk,I am using BizTalk server 2009 ,Can any one tell me where i am doing wrong?
    Please can any one send me sample or URL where i can read step by step solution for WCF to BizTalk orchestration(Typed Dataset)
    Thanks in Advance.

  2. raxit says:

    I have problem related to stored procedure and crystal report. I have website in with i want a crystal report through stored procedure. I already upload my stored porcedure in web server and how to use this stored procedure in my crystal report. It also pass paramter of different kind. so please help me in this topic

  3. Hi Vijay,

    I have seen my URL on your site, looks interesting, goos to know that you are maintaining same repository as I do.

    Waned to update one thing that My Site URL got changed, it is now



    I don’t know if you can change in your site, If you can that will be great.

    Ritesh Kesharwani

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