Hi Friend,
Cool 🙂
I am Vijay Modi. I have 5+ year of experience as a Software Engineer. This is my interest to write blog articles. This is not related with my existing company or any past company. Please let me know if you will find any wrong information on this Blog, I will immediately remove these information from this Blog. Also please let me know your suggessions, so that I can improve this Blog. If you will find any images or any information related with your website or your company on this blog and want to remove, please let me know I will immedietely remove that information from this Blog.

Friends as you know I.T. is a very hot field and technolgies are changning continuesly. So I think we should try to improve our self continuesly. My interest is in research and development. I have good experience on Biztalk Server, ASP.Net 3.5, ASP.Net 2.0, C#, VB, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL. I have good information these technologies. Here I sharing some faced problems and its solutions and also technological articles. I will try the best to provide important articles on this blog.

“Knowledge is the Antidot to fear”.

Vijay Modi


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  1. himanshu says:

    Looks good…
    Loads of good info..
    I m adding u in my blogroll

  2. kalyan says:

    I found a reply of yours in an MSDN forum. I was trying to click on a url which linked to your blog and it did not work. Pls help.

    Here is the text:
    Hi All,

    I was facing the same problme. I have resolve my issue. You can find the solution on the following link.


    Regards, Vijay Modi


  3. Vijay Modi says:

    Sorry Kalyan,
    I have removed that article.

  4. Himanshu Thawait says:

    I really appreciate your thinking to share knowledge 
    Do you have worked on BizTalk ?

  5. Vijay Modi says:

    Hi Himanshu,

    I have worked on BizTalk server and created some applications too. But right now I have concentrate my self on .Net 3.5’s SilverLight. I really like it. Its really very nice tech.

  6. Phil Dowling says:

    Hey there Vijay.

    Reference the article you removed. May I ask if you are going to repost anytime?

    I am having some major issues working with Mapoints webservice. Works fine from my local dev machine but 2 win2k3 servers I have deployed to keep giving me the error your article refers to. I was somewhat hoping you might have the solution since I have scoured high and low and tried everything to no avail! 🙂

    Your help would be most appreciated 🙂



  7. sonalis says:

    I appreciate for your interest in sharing the knowledge!
    Keep it up!

  8. lekhraj deshmukh says:

    i m the new user in mysql and linux ,i m interested to make my career in these field .i got ur website when i am searching that what is the maximum length of table name ,database name and file name,i think ur website is very helpful for me.

    Thanks n Reagrds,
    Lekhraj Deshmukh

  9. Vijay Modi says:

    One of the ting I need to do is learn bit more english becuase it hot you know right now. I am noddding my head just like the indian yes yes no no.

  10. Vijay Modi says:

    Hey VijayModi@ms.com,

    Who are you buddy?. I like your suggesion. I am improving it too. Thanks buddy….
    But I don’t understand why you used my name here. Whatever thanks…

    Vijay Modi

  11. raju says:

    hi Vijay,

    could you teach me how to create some questions. and if users clicks one of the options, immediately, appears the right answer under or beside the question?
    sorry, i don’t know php or mysql.


  12. Vijay Modi says:

    Hi Raju,

    Let me know on which technology are you working? My suggesion is to use ajax for your above problem. It will give you best result.

    Vijay Modi

  13. ashis says:

    try something with session on .net 3.5 and share your fun with us.

  14. Tarandeep says:

    Nice blog “Vijay”

    Keep it up. Thanks for sharing knowledge.



  15. joezine says:


    thanks for knowledge

  16. suhas says:

    thanks …..
    if any new artical related to .net please send to me……


  17. sanjay says:

    hi i m change job so plz inform me

  18. vinay says:

    Hi to all,

    I need urgently help in PHP for small task.
    I need a Customer Database. This should store Customers and the following data of them: Last Name, First Name, eMail, Phone#, Gender. Make this database. Store 5 Customers in it with all their details. Write a little PHP-Skript which displays the customers on a webpage.
    Database has been created “Customer” I m getting problem in PHP code.I would be very kind if any body can help.


  19. senthilkumar P.S says:

    Yes, It’s Good for fresh candidate’s and job hunters like me. I think Vijay U r Genius Surely I will Utilize ur resource as mush as possible

  20. senthilkumar P.S says:

    Vijay, Now am studying PHP without anyone help can u give me some suggestion become very proficient in PHP and web technologies like .net(ASP, VB, C#)

  21. VIJAY MODI says:

    Hi Senthilkumar P.S,

    Thank you for your appreciation. FYI… I am simple person. You can get some important information from the articles of this blog.

    Vijay Modi

  22. Sarath Lal says:

    Hi Vijay,
    I am new in ASP.Net. Your website is very informative. How can I get Server Data in a javascript. I am waiting your reply soon.

  23. Vijay Modi says:

    I also don;t know.

    How can I get Server Data in a javascript

    Please relpy me if you found any

    Thanks in Advance

  24. shahbaz says:

    can you give tips for how to play vedio from folder in asp.net 2.0 there is any controle for playing video in asp.net 2.0 if is it please tell me

  25. Dheeraj says:

    great blog, good work. kindly add my blog’s link under your blog rolls, with the link text as “Biztalk Server Guide” and let me know your.


  26. sangam says:

    thank you. i would like to exchange link with your site. Mine is http://dotnetspidor.blogspot.com. I am primarily working on asp.net for 2 years. Backends i work upon are ms sql server and oracle database. I love ajax and javascript too. But not that handly on them. I would soon write you with the info of your link in my site, and discussing other issues also. Thank you very much!

    Sangam Uprety

  27. Ramesh says:

    hi vijay i just trying to study php.can u pls send me any material u have with basic any material or links pls i will be thank full to you byee

  28. Badelal Yadav says:

    Hi Vijay this is very nice thing to share the information I liked it. I am SQL DBA I can contribute for the same if required.

  29. Jahanvi Badiyani says:

    Hi Vijay,
    Many thanks for sharing PHP questions.
    They are very useful to me.

  30. php help says:

    if you need help in php go and post this in
    community help
    they may help u guys

  31. Sandeep says:

    hi vijay…this is deepak (software engineer) from chandigarh.. nice site you have created with loads of information….
    keep it up
    vijay i need a tip from yourside how to add the opactiy property to controls created in C#.net…
    though it is easily available for forms but not for constols…..
    actually i have created a canvas for drawing in c# and i want it to support opacity …… do reply via mail

  32. Sandeep says:

    hi vijay…this is deepak (software engineer) from chandigarh.. nice site you have created with loads of information….
    keep it up
    i want little help from your side
    actually i have created a canvas for drawing in c#.net and i want it to support opacity property …… do reply via mail

  33. Narendra says:

    hi Vijay
    I’m a novice in the world of php / apache scripting. I keep getting an error when sending from the contact on my webpage. I haven’t launched the site yet. I designed the website for my potential business to start in the new year. Due to lack of funds having to do as much as I can myself.

    this is the htaccess file
    AuthUserFile /home/sites/me–time.co.uk/public_html/.htpasswd
    AuthGroupFile /home/sites/me–time.co.uk/

    AuthName “Web Builder”

    deny from all

    deny from all

    How does this need to be altered to allow function of my php contact form.

    Please help

  34. Brett says:

    Hi Vijay,

    I recently graduated from school with a BS in Computer Information Systems. I’m interested in Java, PHP development and System Administration. Do you have any advice so that I could better advance my career? Thanks.

    Also, at my job I’m using an .htaccess file to point to another domain in my root directory, but for some reason I can’t get my google analytic tracker to track my new domain. Any ideas why this is happening? There is another domain in the site root that tracks fine, but I’m not using the .htaccess file for that domain. Thanks.

  35. atul gupte says:

    very good technical resources. i would like to add your link on my blog.

  36. avijit says:

    how to create joomla module with the PHP code?

  37. Jigar says:

    Good KnowledgeBase Article.

    Keep it up buddye..


  38. fasih says:

    hey vijay iam trying to create chatbot but i dont have any knowledge about it i dont know where to start from so could you please give me some suggestions on it

  39. I need urgently help in PHP for small task.+++++++++I need a Customer Database. This should store Customers and the following data of them: Last Name, First Name, eMail, Phone#, Gender. Make this database. Store 5 Customers in it with all their details. Write a little PHP-Skript which displays the customers on a webpage.+++++++++Database has been created “Customer” I m getting problem in PHP code.I would be very kind if any body can help.

  40. click true says:

    Very good post. I think that at the end the most important thing is “Credibility”: A man can get a reputation from very small things.

  41. Wally Mason says:

    This as a vary good blog posting. I make sure to bokmark it for the reference of the future. I am very likeing to program on the computr. Computer programing is not very much fun. it is done by those that have no life and it is soul-less.

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