Biztalk : How to comment the Shape used in orchestration?

I am working on Biztalk 2006 R2 and facing a big problem. I have created an orchestration and for temporary purpose I want to comment some shapes that I have used in this orchestration like we are commenting the code in .net. But I have not found any facility in Biztalk to do it. I think microsoft has to add this functionality in this technology. Let me know your reviews, if you want to add.

At this time to resolve this issue, I am using the decide shape and keeping all unwanted shapes in this decide shape which cannot execute. I have added such type of condition which will never true (i.e. 1==0). So at this time I can run my orchestration and can use those commented shapes(insude the above decide shape) in future if I want. Is it ok?

Let me know if you have any new idea.


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7 Responses to Biztalk : How to comment the Shape used in orchestration?

  1. kent weare says:


    There are some facilities to do this with BizTalk

    1) Inside of an expression or decide shape you can enter comments in as you would with C# or any other .Net language i.e.
    // Insert comment here

    2) For the shapes in your orchestration, you can click on the shape and then look at the shape’s properties. There, you will find a property called “Description”. Click on the elipse […] button and you can enter in your comments there.

    IMHO, I would stay away from adding shapes that will never be used. At some point, someone else may maintain your code and this will just confuse them



  2. Vijay Modi says:

    Hi kent,

    Thank you for your comment. But my question is how to commnet shapes(Construct Shape, Transform Shape, expression shape), that for testing purpose I don’t want to execute them. Instead of removing them from orchestration I want to comment those shape. So how can I comment those shapes. I know we can comment like in .net we are doing by using “//” in expression shape. But my query is to hide (by using comment like facility exist in .Net) the shape at runtime.:(

    Thank you,
    Vijay Modi

  3. comprehend says:

    comprehend says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Invicinny says:

    Привет, я думала что это совсем не так происходит:)

    Мой блог:

  5. sachin kartha says:


    Did you get an answer to your question? I tried opening up the .cs file associated with the orchestration and comment the shape from there but it does not seem to reflect in the orchestration.
    I will test it out and let you know. In the mean time, if you have found the answer, please do let me know the solution


  6. Ziggy says:

    I also wish I could comment out shapes. I end up having to do screen prints and copying any code in expression shapes to a doc and then delete. It would be nice to somehow circle or highlight something and tell BizTalk to ignore it.

  7. RssbNe Hello, YA serche drocher!!!
    p.s. serchedrocher!

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