ASP.Net + Removing controls from groupbox using ForEach loop

Hi Friends,

Yesterday I was resolving a problem. I was getting that I am removing same control from a group box. I am giving you an example. I add 10 same controls dynamically in the group box. Then on one click on Remove button, I need to remove all these controls from group box. The code was written by me was as follows:

foreach (Control ctl in grp1.Controls)
if (ctl.GetType().ToString().EndsWith(“.ctl1”))

When I debug this code, understand the problem that all the controls are not removing from this group box. Then I change the logic with the following one.

int intNoOfControls = grp1.Controls.Count;
for (int i = intNoOfControls – 1; i >= 0; i–)
if (grp1.Controls[i].GetType().ToString().EndsWith(“.ctl1”))

This code working perfect and resolve the problem. But do you know what was the problem there in for each loop? Its really very interesting. When I am going to remove control from for each loop its removing and compare with the (group box controls -1) controls (i.e. its reinitialize the controls). So its not removing all the controls from the group box.

Note: If you want to add your comments for this article please add it below. Your suggesion are really great advice for me.

Thanks Buddy,
Vijay Modi


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Having 12+ years of experience in web application development. Expertise in various domains like E-Commerce, E-Learning, Insurance. I have expertise in web application development, window application development, Performance improvement, bug fixing etc. I have worked on various Microsoft technologies including ASP.Net, MVC, WebApi, WCF, Entity Framework, WPF, Window Application Development, AWS, Azure, AngularJS 2.0 / 1.5.2, .NetCore framework, jQuery. I am believing in quality work and achieving deadlines. Also like to work on new technologies and quick learner.
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3 Responses to ASP.Net + Removing controls from groupbox using ForEach loop

  1. Alex buchan says:

    Thanks – this helped me search for controls within a group box. But the real reason I am writing is to ask – what is going on in the picture? – you look to be having far too much fun!

  2. Pavan says:

    Ur Article so helpful me in one of my project development. And Still now i did’nt understand why the problem getting with “foreach” & “for “.
    Where the problem is resovled with “for “. If u have chance to explain me, just consider my problem.

    My Task is ” I developed an application by retrieving a list of Tables from the database into combobox. I choosed a table & Clicked ‘OK’ button, That Table should be display into the groupbox1 with labels & Textboxes. And when i choosed another Table from Combobox, old controls should be remove from the groupbox1 & again new controls should be generate according to numberofcolumns, fieldnames.

    If u wana see my code:

    public void RemoveCtrls()

    //foreach (Control ctrl in gb_DataBox.Controls)
    //if (!(ctrl is Button))//(ctrl.GetType() == typeof(Button)) //(((Button)ctrl).Text != “Next”)
    // MessageBox.Show(ctrl.GetType().Name + ” : ” + ctrl.Name.ToString());
    // gb_DataBox.Controls.Remove(ctrl);
    // ctrl.Dispose();
    // }

    int c = gb_DataBox.Controls.Count;

    //for (int i = 1; i = 0; i–)
    if (!(gb_DataBox.Controls[i] is Button))
    //if (gb_DataBox.Controls[i].GetType().ToString())//.EndsWith(“.ctl1″))

    MessageBox.Show(gb_DataBox.Controls[i].GetType().Name + ” : ” + gb_DataBox.Controls[i].Name.ToString());

    private void btn_ConnectDB_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //Make Default values
    y = 20;
    gb_DataBox.Height = 100;//50;

    //cn = new SqlConnection(“Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=master;User ID=sa;Password=123”);

    query = txtQuery.Text;
    cmd = new SqlCommand(query, cn);

    if (cn.State == ConnectionState.Open)

    dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

    lb = new Label[dr.FieldCount];
    txt = new TextBox[dr.FieldCount];

    for (int i = 0; i < lb.Length; i++)
    lb[i] = new Label();
    txt[i] = new TextBox();
    lb[i].Text = dr.GetName(i);
    lb[i].Name = dr.GetName(i);
    txt[i].Name = dr.GetName(i);
    lb[i].Location = new Point(100, y + 3);
    txt[i].Location = new Point(200, y);
    y += 30;

    gb_DataBox.Height += txt[i].Height;// +3;
    this.Height = groupBox2.Height + gb_QueryBox.Height + gb_DataBox.Height + 100;
    //this.AutoScroll = true;
    int c = gb_DataBox.Controls.Count;
    catch (Exception ex)
    btn_Next.Enabled = true;

    private void btn_Next_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (dr.Read())
    for (int i = 0; i < lb.Length; i++)
    txt[i].Text = dr.GetValue(i).ToString(); //dr[i].ToString();
    MessageBox.Show("No More Records..");
    btn_Next.Enabled = false;

    For Picture :

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